These are practical courses I created for anyone who seeks physical and emotional wellness. If you are tired of being defined by life’s situations and other people’s perspectives, then sign up for a personal ride with me.


7 Days Vitality Body Detoxification

This course addresses physical wellness. It has a comprehensive recipe for 7 days to achieve 100% natural body detoxification.

It recommends natural ingredients and procedures that can detoxify the body, especially the digestive and excretory system, and alleviate issues like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, and other gastrointestinal disorders.


This course is for you if you

  • feel sluggish, tired, and easily exhausted 
  • want to lose weight
  • have fibroid and want to shrink it naturally
  • want to shrink pot belly
  • feel constipated
  • are dealing with constant bloating
  • experience irritable bowel syndrome
  • experience stomach ache and indigestion
  • eat lots of refined white flour like white bread, pastries, confectionaries, fries, etc.
  • wish to dislodge and expel accumulated waste and toxins from your gut
  • want to feel energized and alive again
  • wish to flatten your tummy
  • want to maintain 1-2 times daily bowel movements
  • want to get rid of acne and allow your skin to glow and radiate
  • want to enhance or achieve better sleep quality
  • want to reduce your blood pressure, and balance your sugar and cholesterol levels, etc.
  • wish to build a stronger immune system
  • want to quit smoking and drinking

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Personal leadership development

This course is beneficial to those seeking to find their life’s vision and the courage to do the internal work that guarantees they fulfill their mission. Here, I help you with brainstorming exercises that help you uncover your God-given purpose and equip you with personal leadership skills to successfully lead yourself to your destination.

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The illusion of Shame

The 18th of April 2018 was a drastic turning point in my life. I was shaken to the core, and hit rock bottom. I got home from work and turned my key into the apartment I shared with my then-husband and found the house empty. It wasn’t a break-in. The guy I was married to for thirteen years of my life had moved out of our house and married someone else practically with everything we own.  I was devastated and heartbroken, but my story got much worse… the details are in the course. 

I was overwhelmed both in my spirit and body. However, nothing was far more overwhelming than the shame of massive failure I felt. For months, I carried this burden around. Every step I took and everything I did, including my conversations with genuine friends and family members, was like a revelation of the deep-seated shame in my spirit. This resulted in me self-isolating as I wallowed in pity parties, anger, regrets, and even considered suicide at a point!

How I wish someone had told me shame was just an illusion of Satan!

This course is beneficial for individuals and groups of people seeking help to begin again after major life set -backs induced by them or others to hurt them. I dedicate my time to listening to you and sharing my journey with you as we jointly map a way forward for you. “Don’t kill yourself, this too shall pass”.

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