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Inspiring personal leadership: Life changing lessons I learned from my car

The first step to personal development is the willingness and openness to learning. Learning can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable especially when we have to learn from someone or something that is perceived to be less intelligent than we are. It even gets harder when we have to learn from inanimate objects like a CAR.

I realized that no man is a custodian of knowledge hence we can draw life-changing lessons from anyone or anything we choose to open our minds to by laying aside our assumptions, pride, and even prejudice, in some cases. The Renault Megane, my first car, taught me so many lessons on personal development I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Aspiring for leadership is a remarkable and noble desire, but far more important than leading others is Personal Leadership – the act of leading oneself. I define personal leadership as the ability to lead, guide, and direct one’s life towards a pre-determined destination. It is clear as crystal that without personal leadership development, we are headed for massive failure. It’s just a question of when?

Personal leadership is an internal process that begins with the thoughts and memories we choose to keep alive. Memories are powerful enough to propel us to greater heights of achievement or reduce us to the lowest where we intentionally allow the bad actions of others to erode our good character. By choosing to reach out for greater heights, we add layers of colors to our life.

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