Hi there! My name is Chinenye Orakwue, an entrepreneur, Hallelujah Diet-certified wellness and health minister. I am a personal leadership and transformational coach, and a certified counselor with vast experience in public speaking, facilitation, training, and counseling.

Nice to meet you!

For half a decade, I worked with the Kudirat initiative for Democracy (KIND) under the flagship of the KUDRA program where I facilitated trainings for more than 3000 young women in personal leadership.

Today, I work as the CEO of Esoxtra Nutrition Shop, a physical and virtual business where we make healthy raw meals. I also run a consultancy on healthy eating and plant-based nutrition, having experienced the use of nutrition and faith in the word of God to reverse heart disease, obesity, and other sicknesses on my health journey.

I have a BA in Linguistics and the Igbo Language from the University of Nigeria and a Diploma in Nutrition and fitness from Shaw Academy Ireland, Dublin. Additionally, I am an alumnus of the British School of Journalism and currently a student at Rhema Bible College. I use my life experiences ( and I have a lot of them!) to inspire and lead people to change especially in wellness and personal leadership development.

Everything I do is centered on helping churches, organizations, individuals, and families discover wellness and divine health. My personal journey from sickness to good health are deep motivations for me, and they have led me to become a wellness entrepreneur, founding my business Esoxtra Nutrition Shop in 2018. 


Esoxtra Nutrition Shop was born out of my personal journey from several ailments to good health. I would like to share my testimony with you even though not in detail, as that will take pages to write.

I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2010 during screening for fibroid surgery. The symptoms I had included shortness of breath, heart palpitation, swollen ankle, and feet, persistent cough plus salty phlegm, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc. I was in a terrible state. After a series of tests, the cardiologist told me I wasn’t going to live to be 40 years. He practically handed a death sentence to me and that was my rock bottom.

How I survived the fibroid surgery remains a miracle to me, but that is a story for another day.

By the mercies of God who gives wisdom and understanding, He led me into lifestyle and diet change. I did a revamp of how I used to live by incorporating daily exercises into my routine and gave up highly processed foods for plant-based foods.

The best part of my journey was the privilege to attend the healing school of Christ Embassy. There, I learned that it is God’s perfect will for me to be healed and live in divine health. My biggest learning experience at the healing school was the use of words.

I learned how to war with God’s word over my health and life. Health confessions became my first medication before the numerous prescribed medicines I constantly took. By faith in Christ Jesus, I was made whole. Hallelujah! To cut this story short, I will be 45 years old few months to come, and I have never felt so alive. 

As I write this today, I have zero symptoms of what I used to experience, and I am committed to sharing my story; teaching and helping others discover the healing power of God and the healing nutrients God has vested in whole foods.

My way to success

I Am A Christian

I believe by faith that Christ Jesus is my personal Lord and Saviour. He is at the heart of all I do. The bible is my major tool of impact. I am a Christian and I talk about this unapologetically. I strongly believe in divine health and divine healing.

A Wellness entrepreneur

I am passionate about physical wellness because no one can fully live to fulfill their visions and aspirations without being physically and emotionally well. I strongly emphasize that wellness is a combination of personal leadership in two dimensions – Healthy lifestyle change and Spiritual transformation.

- Healthy lifestyle change

I look at Healthy lifestyle change in 3 aspects

  • Healthy nutrition 
  • Quality Sleep
  • Physical Exercise 

Taking a personal decision and practical steps to develop these aspects can be the miracle you need to finally change your health journey and achieve wellness. Read a bit of my personal journey into wellness here

- Spiritual transformation

What I call spiritual transformation is simply a personal walk and relationship with Jesus Christ. Developing this relationship will lead you to do the internal work that will support you to achieve the following.

  • Divine Healing /health
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing

A Personal Leadership Development Coach

Personal leadership development drives my interventions. You cannot live your best life if you fail to lead yourself. You must personally put in the work to change who you are today to become whom you need to be tomorrow and live the life you desire and deserve.  This development doesn’t fall on anyone’s laps. It’s the same equation for every aspect of human existence. From eating healthier to losing weight, sleeping better, exercising daily, writing a book, getting a college degree, praying and meditating daily, being a mother, winning a trophy, driving a car etc. You must learn to conquer yourself to do what you need to do. 

Believe me, life can be vicious! Life can leave you broken and make you cry, depressed and sap you of every energy to pursue your purpose especially after 40 years old.

This is where I come in. To help you and hold you accountable as you navigate this path.

A Speaker and Cooperate trainer

I speak motivationally as I seek to transform especially women, churches, cooperate and secular organizations in different aspect of physical wellness, divine healing and personal leadership growth. Drawing inspiration from the Bible and experiences from my journey and other people’s relatable stories, I plant a seed of hope, faith and love as I lead my audience to personal transformation.

An Author

I write to express my deepest thoughts. I am constantly amazed how finding an old article or write-up I stuck and forgotten somewhere takes me down memory lane in a snap whenever I pull them out again! The feeling is usually indescribable; hence, I write. 

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My Clincher

You are the first beneficiary of your blessings, success, good health, frustration, and poor health. If you are not here, everything else suffers and life continues. Hence taking care of ‘you’ should be of paramount importance. Let me show you how simple it is to take better care of yourself!

Download my best wellness declaration

This declaration is by Pastor Dotun Arifalo. I am yet to meet this woman of God, but I can tell you that this declaration is spirit-filled and transformational. It has literally turned my life around. I see it whole for spiritual, physical, emotional and financial well-being. Nothing missing, nothing broken. All you need to do is consistently declare it until it soaks your subconscious mind and penetrates your spirit. You can listen and download it here

Pastor Dotun Arifalo

Leadership expert and a lifestyle and business coach
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